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New Product Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in and for your desire that we carry your product.

As of 01 January 2008 (and until further notice) due to monetary constraints is not accepting NEW products for and/or inclusion within our store.

Please understand the following guidelines as they were developed after receiving many requests to place products in our store.

  1. Prior to us adding any product we MUST see a sample of the product (in its completed form). NOTE: The quality of the sample is the quality level that you and/or your company will be expected to maintain.
  2. We REQUIRE the following be included with the sample:
    1. Wholesale Pricing to include price break points.
      1. For example - If we order say 25 of the item does the price decrease? 50? 100? etc.
      2. Is the break point cumalative?
    2. Point of Contact
      1. Name
      2. Address
      3. Phone Number
      4. FAX Number
      5. A VALID email address
      6. If a website does exist showing the product - the URL.
    3. Minimum Order Amount? Either by quantity or dollar amount.
    4. Written description BY YOU to describe the product. This is required so we get the details correct. Include dimensions, # of pages, type of material, etc. whatever is required to CORRECTLY describe the product.
    5. What the SUGGESTED retail price is. If we MUST sell it at a given price - that price MUST also be stated.
    6. What is the turn around time from placing the order until it is shipped? What are the shipping options (UPS, FEDEX, US Postal Service Priority Mail, etc.)? Is there an order size that entitles us to FREE shipping?
    7. What is to be done with the sample if the product is NOT accepted. Is it to be returned, donated, etc.?
  3. Samples of Products are to be sent to us labeled as follows:, Inc.
    (ATTN: Product Development)
    1317 Highland Drive
    Oak Harbor, Washington 98277


  1. When a sample is received it is reviewed initially by the item manager to ensure that we have all the needed information outlined above.
  2. The product is then presented to the Board of Directors based on the information you provided and the sample is shown.
  3. A discussion ensues as to whether they as individuals:
    1. Would purchase it at the SUGGESTED retail price?
    2. Is it FAIRLY priced?
    3. Is it something that would interest our clientele?
    4. Is there enough room for us to make a reasonable profit?
    5. To sell the product would need to cover the shipping costs? (e.g. decals, children's books, stickers, die cuts, etc.)

Should the product gain the Board of Directors approval - a minimal order would be placed. This allows us to "test the waters" with our clientele and see if it is something they would actually purchase.

Should the product be rejected by the Board of Directors - an email is sent stating as much.


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